06 Dec


It is redundant and almost cliched at this point to say that these last nine months of 2020 has been challenging at best.  I could even say that in the midst of a pandemic, we have learned how to be resilient, courageous - maybe we have added some “just in case you need them” skills to our every day -  some pertinent skills to take into the workplace.  In fact, riding this redundant bull all the way home, saying this has been a year of "firsts” would be an understatement. Nothing resonates more to me at this moment than the strength of a God-fearing man.

I recently did a survey of some men that I know.  Well-rounded hardworking mature men. You know the seasoned man who views  life through clear, not rose-colored glasses.  That man that has his eye on the prize, his heart on his grind and his spirit in tuned with his God…yeah that man.  My question to the multiple Sirs was, “What does a man fear the most?”  Their answers were as diverse as they are, ranging from loss of intimacy, financial ruin and resoundingly fear of Police Officers.  It is the last one for me.

I am unable to describe the pain that I felt in my spirit reading the last response.  Especially in this 2020 Experience. (That is what I am going to call it).  Black men were sacrificed in a way unimaginable by a system that was never designed to protect them but to keep them at odds with each other and to be preyed upon by a cowardly oppressor who blatantly exhibited fear of his own existence not because of the color black or brown, but because of his own inadequacies in comparison to Mr. Black and Brown.  My fearless God-fearing brothers to you I say don’t fret and live with fear or hatred.  Sirs, You’ve Got Next!

I wish I could say that the fear of the oppressors will fade away as the sunset; or maybe this 2020 Experience was just a dream. But that is so far beyond my control.  What I can say is this – yes, with all of the negative stories I’ve read and cried over,  and every loss of a king’s life I cried,  I still celebrated when I saw social media blast the number of you who earned the right to wear your White Doctors Coat. Kingdom building Sir, I was jubilant beyond degree as if you were my brother or son and I saw read and heard stories of many of you in packs (like the black panthers you are) pass your bar exams. My Good Sirs, my heart was made glad as you won awards, trophies in recognition of your grace and prowess in sports, theatre, music and all things every one else tries and have tried to appropriate. To you, Sir,  I say “Do not grow weary in well doing for in due season you shall reap if you faint not” – Galatians 6:9.  Hold on faithful friend. Your Sisters are keeping you in prayer. We are rooting for you, celebrating you, standing ready at the Finish Line waiting for you to cross over.  Why? because we believe in you.  We honor you and we are here to say, Say What?  YOU’VE GOT NEXT!

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