A LOVE LETTER  -  A simple piece of paper on which to hold a montage of truths, moods and feelings.   Some good, some indifferent. Calculated, meditated, explosive, stored up vulnerabilities expressed from one person to another.  A Love Letter- a love cry that melodiously whispers the heart’s indelible utterance of passions, expectations, fear, joy and all that is above and in between.
When the term love is spoken, our thoughts immediately move toward a feeling. Rarely does one envision “love” as a being. A full-fledged "adultish being". Yes, a silhouette of active properties shaping and forming a powerful actuality. It travels and moves and takes on (if you will), a life of its own. LOVE. You hear “love” and you think sweet, mushy, adoration, affection, tenderness. Yes, that it is and so much more. Think about love. Love is still, so much more than even that. Love is multifaceted. It can be rough, angry, patient, not so patient, kind, yet not, not so kind. As we define love (or what we feign love to be) it can look initially, staunch and unattractive, a bit demure and yet raw and passionate. Pouring out its weaknesses and exhibiting its strengths to the object of its attraction in an ever so innocent way. That flawless description may be marred in our eyes, yet, being blinded by what our heart tells us. Here again, only to find that the spillage was a mistake. A mistake that is not easily swept under the rug, for the rawness of love, the in your face, let me tell you how you make me feel love is, if nothing else, exists or matters. Nothing is OFFICIAL without love.
Subsequently, The LETTER, the love letter, be it a formal, informal, semi-formal letter is just a ruse to determine how to lay it all out.

In this soliloquy, Love’s seekers (hero and heroine) depicts the ups and the downs of being vulnerable in the face of love. Peruse them as they discover the secret ingredient of love. Through their eyes they eventually see GOD as LOVE. It is the God in them looking for Himself in the earth. Their twisted vision of love and desire is really a pure conquest of discovery.  What better platform in which to lay it all out but in a Love Letter. “It” meaning everything love opened, closed and withheld. Is it still apropos to pour out the deepest most intimate thoughts and feelings to love when love has not yet identified itself to you? Love is Still wearing a mask. Love be made whole. A whole Love needs to find you. Is it possible?
Let’s see….